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Let us Craft your Business Story,
Create a Brand Experience & Connect your Business Strategy!


Do you need help stepping back to take a fresh look at your business?

Do you have a team within your firm keeping an eye on your brand, brand message and creative direction to ensure your business strategy is constantly evolving?

Events Beyond can partner with you to guarantee that your clients and potential clients see you at your very best. 


Events Beyond is not your typical brand, marketing and business consultant. My approach is simple yet crafted with structure to fit your needs. EB gets to know you and your team to better understand what drives your business model and how your current message translates to your clients. Together, EB can help you identify your areas of strength as well as your opportunities for growth, and help you take things to the next level.  

Events Beyond will come up with fresh ideas to help you implement a media strategy, execute events, expand your contacts and ultimately push your business beyond its limits. After this, EB will help you build a strategy that you and your team can seamlessly implement across social media, your corporate website and other client-facing materials. Events Beyond will also help you customize these tactics so that you can track their progress, make any necessary adjustments along the way and quantify the results to ensure your business objectives are being met.

Building a consistent message for your clients is a journey, not a destination! Events Beyond believes that social media is a must-have business tool. It not only allows any company to craft an interactive online presence, create and deliver powerful content and connect with large audiences, but it inspires them to read, share and recommend your products and services. Whether you're a small start-up in your growth phase or an established reputable company, Events Beyond has the infrastructure and resources to grow your business, spread awareness and build lasting relationships with your clients and your industry. 

mid- and large-sized BUSINESSES starting at a 20-hr minimum
small businesses starting at a 10-hr minimum